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my sims2 freezes when its at the loading screen. Can anyone who knows how 2 fix it PLEASE, tell me! Thanx! :3 My computer’s got windows vista, it IS compatible with the sims 2 and its new. YEY! 1000 VEWS! ps The songs and my wallpaper aren’t mine, just 4 u questioners!

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  • I have more then 1,700 downloads and Im trying to get rid of the ones I dont want and then try if it worx!
  • happens to me but on the menu
  • i CAN HELP!
  • i have it working on my vista but why guys its not working on ya!
    my system properties is 1.67 ghz and 4gb ram but why its not working on ya mine working properly!
  • THIS HAPPENING TOO ME TOO! :O ITS TERRIBLE! When i go to lot i named blablabla since yestoday i CRASHING EVRY TIME WHN IT LAUD! It freeses and crash! I HATE IT! But when i goes to an another lot it NOT does freeze and crash! o_O