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LGR Plays – The Sims 2

Gameplay and commentary on The Sims 2, the 2004 sequel to the original The Sims sandbox people sim game.

Вы, здравица, всегда хотели квалифицировать “игра симсы” : поглядите онлайн катушка “LGR Plays – The Sims 2”.В пользующемся популярностью онлайн видео с рейтингом более чем четыре балла вы поймете игра симсы.


  • I’m so glad I wasn’t the only person who made the most ridiculous looking people.
  • They do that on purpose so they can make a ton of money off of re-releasing all those expansions for each new game. It’s EA afterall.
  • More sims 2 please! 😀
  • i had that house
  • maxmotives is a cheat code so you dont have to shower, eat, or sleep.
  • People not giving it to my flirtation.
  • idk what you’re talking about but im dying laughing
  • You have to play The Sims seriously?
  • will you be playing all the expansion packs for this one like you did with The Sims? The nostalgia!
  • My god you are obnoxious. (No offense.) :/