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The Sims™ 2 Soundtrack: Chocolate (Pop)

Title: Chocolate Genre/Category: Pop (Radio) ============================= All the music and images included in “The Sims” game series are property of © Electronic Arts, Inc.

Хотели бы Вы разузнать “игра симсы загрузить” – мы опубликовали он лайн катушка “The Sims™ 2 Soundtrack: Chocolate (Pop)”.В интересном ролике с оценкой больше чем четыре балла вы поймете игра симсы загрузить.


  • hahahahhahaha
  • Memories.. :'(( ♥
  • Aww..I used to love this song 🙂
  • killing off my sims with this song blasting through the radio. Oh I miss the Sims 2 =)
  • Go Barnaby, go Barnaby nice shoe lace. Raygun a bee, calone avar. go on to see my babe. ain’t gonna be out so late. i’ll wreck away, calone atay
  • amo las versiones simlish 😀 es como algo muy lindo en especial este tema tan hermosos c: (los otros se me burlan por que lo tengo en el celular e_e)
  • It isn’t, only the guitar riff sounds similar. The voice sounds like The Corrs, and that’s where the similarities end.
  • Which language is this ? x’D
  • and don’t forget Life Stories!
  • All Sims music and ‘talking’ is in ‘simlish’. It’s apparently fragments of many different languages spliced together.
  • Love this song!!! ^______^
  • Nanananana
  • By the way, this is singed by Avril Lavigne. Original track is probaly “sk8er Boi”.
  • I uploaded this song on mp3 when i was playing at Sims 2… I loved so much this theme *-*
  • Me too, now i just play ts3 !!
  • Simlish! :DDD
  • nannanana nana ananannnnaa
  • 0:22 - Come on and see my pie, And be my solei(means sun), i recomme (recommend) colonotee(colonisation). Oh oh!
    hmmm……dirty girl 😛