Дата публикации: 23/11/2010
Оценка: 4.591837 баллов
Длительность:821 секунд
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The Sims Life Stories Ch1 -Pt1-

A complete play through of the PC life Sim game: The Sims Life Stories. Part One of Chapter One. Developed by Maxis and EA (Doy)

Среди пользователей сайта популярна проблема “игра симсы онлайн задаром” : поглядите ролик online “The Sims Life Stories Ch1 -Pt1-“.В пользующемся популярностью ролике с оценкой более чем четыре звезды вы узнаете игра симсы онлайн задарма.


  • This is my childhood dude, you have no idea TT.TT thank you for the upload! ❤
  • what’s the difference with sims 2 ? apart from not having any expansion?
  • muito bom! seu video! american (boy)(girl) ! good! good! thanks!
  • where i can dowloand?
  • Man I cnt pass it but I passed vincents
  • Um, install? I just let it install into it’s default place.
  • how did u flim this i have this game i play it alot cus i unistall all the sims 2
  • what numbers do you half to tipe in to install it
  • Is a story here :)
  • @leon102 where you install this gamme?! O.o i search it a so looong Time!
  • @leon102 how do you enable the edge mouse moving? I went to the settings but yet it doesn’t let me move the view with my mouse :/
  • it is…….
  • nope but u cant get mods or anything
  • If you are talking about my youtube name, then yes.
  • Should be somewhere in game play options.