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Оценка: 5.0
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Let’s Play The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 3

Moses continues his attempts and woo’ing and wedding Bella Goth, although there are a few road-bumps along the way…

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  • Sim: *just proposes that they go steady* *feels the immediate need afterwards to go the bathroom*

    Well good to see Moses has his priorities straight lol.

  • With the relese of Seasons this one will be real fun,
  • were do u get the sleeping bag????????
  • In sims 1 it was bella and mortimer and sims 2 was bella and don lothario.sims 3 is bella as a kid!
  • More like meet the long lost and all memories of erased husband lol.
  • You have to get generation to get the sleeping bag
  • Well that was some progress.
  • screw the ice cream, get married!! x3
  • Well that esculated quickly
  • Yep it’s in the ways to kill a sim videos
  • The Sims all go to the middle of the lot when you don’t have a real house.