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The Sims 3 Let’s Play – Episode 14

Harmond is able to work his way up the Military career track and start earning some serious cash! * Note, I fix the freezes in the next episode 😀

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  • by a pool
  • Or a freaking bum.
  • What about his lifetime wish?…..
  • Ohh, ok. :] And thanks for replying! 😀
  • You have to dress him for his job befor he will go to work!
  • Latrine is a toilet. If you go to the Head it’s a naval term for the toilet.
  • Can you change his hair…it’s annoying me!! : P
  • another awesome episode… this is why i take the neat trait if the house is dirty I click anywhere in the house and click clean house and they automatically do it, its like an awesome live in maid lol
  • Date someone
  • same here!
  • I’ll get to that. I’m getting him some money atm.
  • the sim looked like robert downey jr
  • Thanks, Flabs! That will definitely come in handy!!! 🙂