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Albert! (LP Sims 3!) – Ep.4 PARTAY!

Partay time!

Хотите ввести “игра симсы 4” – всякую видео ролик он-лайн “Albert! (LP Sims 3!) – Ep.4 PARTAY!”.В интересном видео онлайн с рейтингом больше чем четыре балла вы поймете игра симсы 4.


  • What are Alberta traits
  • lmao your sims aren’t censored
  • Next time invite singles?
  • once ur sim and her are romantically involvde u can ask her to break up with her bf and then her bf and you will be enemies and then soon you can ask her to be ur gf
  • “is that bacon?”
    You wish it was bacon😦
  • love this serie !
  • What are Albert
  • more more mroe
  • how to have (even more) fun.
    1. Click CC
    2. Click Transcribe Audio Beta
    3. Laugh at terrible captions
  • I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
  • I love these Taurtis, keep them coming!!
  • You should def get expansion packs for the Sims 3!!
  • more of an exploit
  • i just started this series, best sims 3 let’s play EVER😀
  • Hey Taurtis!Please upload more videos!!!