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Forza 3 Beginners Livery Tutorial: Homer Simpson

A quick design of Homer Simpson. This video tutorial was made for people who are beginners to Forza’s livery. My first video tutorial of hopefully many to come 🙂 Subscribe for more tutorials coming down the line. Also Thanks for all the kind words! #16 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Germany #43 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Australia #18 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – United Kingdom #63 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Ireland #51 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – New Zealand #58 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming #27 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Spain #6 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – France #21 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Italy #42 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Netherlands #51 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Taiwan #98 – Most Viewed (Today) – Gaming – Sweden

Наши пользователи часто задают проблема “игра симпсоны” : поглядите новый ролик видео online “Forza 3 Beginners Livery Tutorial: Homer Simpson”.В популярном видео с оценкой более чем четыре балла вы узнаете игра симпсоны.


  • magnifique,j’ai jamais rien sur faire de beau moi avec l’éditeur
  • If anyone needs money on forza 3 or 4 on Xbox look for me xSMD MOODYx
  • Very inspirational. You sir have a good eye for detail.
  • i love making all kinds of designs off cars on forza or any car game for that fact haha
  • ill race that mustang my gt is deathcookiex5
  • I said to myself “Excellent” in Mr Burn’s voice…
  • you should do brian and stewie! haha
  • yeayeayeayea love the song!!!!
  • how do you over lap the layers
  • I have all the designs you need
  • We want more, Tutorial Videos!
    We want more, we want more, we want more!
  • Thanks man! This helped me out a lot! It looks allmost exact the same 😀
  • how do you go back and place a layer in between other layers
  • I might get this, forza 4, and horizon.