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The Sims 3: How to Create a World – The Basics

How to create a new world, place roads, place lots, place trees and decorations. This is just the basics of Create a World, and more is to come!

Вы, заметно, всегда хотели постичь “игра симсы загрузить” : мы представляем забавный он лайн ролик видеоролику “The Sims 3: How to Create a World – The Basics”.В интересном онлайн видео с рейтингом более чем четыре балла вы узнаете игра симсы загрузить.


  • if it has lots of hight does that mean you cant put lots on it?
  • comes up with You currenly installed version of the game is not compatible with create a world you must reinstall create a world first, back up your world files and uninstall create a world then, Download the new version of create a world and install the new version.
  • one thing. how do u go to creat a world?
  • Where is the next episode? *pounds fists on table* Where….where….where…?
  • Thanks! Now I’m having fun creating worlds! (:
  • Cheers for this mate, been trying to create a world but have been struggling. 🙂
  • i use Q…
  • Where do I get this create a world I cant find it please help 😦
  • You sound like gamersheep! o.O
  • How did you zoom in an out ? Especially how did you do it that fast?
  • How to share/ upload a world you downloaded from the exchandge, but you totallly changed it?
  • where do you go to, to open it?
  • okay, ive made a world but its not in my game.. is it meant to be in the gamee… or is it just for the fun of creating a worldd..? HELP