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“Sims Online” – game commercial

The commercial of the game “The Sims Online”. Very funny!!!

А Вы располагали информацией “игра симсы web” : сегодня мы опубликовали забавный интернет катушка “”Sims Online” – game commercial”.В видео онлайн с оценкой больше чем четыре балла вы поймете игра симсы онлайн.


  • This is on my Sim City 4 disk
  • is there a sims 2 online?
  • Can u still play it??
  • I miss that game…

    DJ Mike III (in-game name for my sim in The Sims Online.

  • DJ: *derp*
  • -Have you seen my wife?

    *The grill is on fire*


  • MAKE SIMS 3 ONLINE!!! Or….make sims 4 online…DO IT TO IT EA!!!!
  • (i meant in this sudden way)
  • The sims1 online more good than sims 3 and sims1 not freezing and problem
  • No, not Sims 3. With EA-Land, they were working to make it have TS2 graphics – just not TS3, ew.