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Let’s Play The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 11

The money slowly trickles in, and the house slowly gets upgrades. Also, with Maximillian now up to a toddler, hopefully life is a bit more normal.

Знаете ли ВЫ “игра симсы 3” – мы разместили видео катушка “Let’s Play The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 11″.В ролике с рейтингом больше чем пять балла вы узнаете игра симсы 3.


  • Nice spice berry carpet! 😉
  • you dont need two cribs…you only have 1 baby, sell the one and buy the kid a bed 🙂
  • Also you’re tweaking the deck and the poor child still doesn’t have a bed. 😀
  • Colorful feathers, maple leaves and snake skins are basically a “fail” prize when you dog or cat fails at hunting. Ergo, random junk instead of gems or metals.
  • I love how it’s Mosses, Munt, and Maximillian. xD
  • Don’t forget to make Munt do his homework!