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The Sims 3 Wii Update Social Services | Light House etc

I’m sorry it’s took so long, but he reason for it is that I have been trying to do a voice over to explain what I’m doing, but just I’ve been to busy. I will do my best to answer any questions though. 🙂

Хотите постичь “флеш игра симсы” – поэтому мы выложили свежий ролик видео сеть интернет “The Sims 3 Wii Update Social Services | Light House etc”.В видео онлайн с рейтингом более чем четыре звезды вы узнаете флеш игра симсы.


  • Poor Jessica
  • yes i done that
  • yeah that happened to me i invited a friend and while she was cooking i asked her to leave so she left the stove on and it caught on fire and my husband was trying to extinguish it but he died 😦
  • no u dont 😦
  • What was them red icons?
  • Oh yeah good idea, might tell my friend that lol
  • @Bryan101G if you have to much stuff in your inventory empty it out or if you have stuff in your storage box empty it out to
  • Lol sometimes when my sims catch on fire I run them down to the beach very quickly and the fire will go away if u jump in the river or ocean
  • how do you turn into a ghost?
  • How do you get more space. So the fire code dose’nt stop you from decorating your house.
  • i realize that i have no life wat so ever
  • How did you get electrocuted?
  • ok well nice people and all but how do you update this
  • Aww lol that happened 2 my friend  and ALL of her kids are in social services lol :L