Дата публикации: 22/12/2007
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The Sims 2 Theme Music

This is the Sims 2 base game theme music.

В интернете сейчас популярна содержание “игра симсы на таксофон” : смотрите забавный он лайн катушка “The Sims 2 Theme Music”.В популярном видео онлайн с оценкой более чем четверка * вы поймете игра симсы на вертихвостка.


  • I miss this song 😦 .. Soo many memories ❤ …
  • they should release The Sims 1 & 2 in high definition in my opinion
  • dios, que recuerdos de la infancia!
  • I took my sims for granjt
  • I am overwhelmed by a huge feeling of nostalgia… if that makes sense
  • When I listen to this video, I feel like im playing the game 🙂
  • I love Sims 2 ♥
  • I took my sims for granti
  • Wot? You can play The Sims 2 in 1920×1080
  • same here
  • Absolute nostalgia in a seven pound package.
  • Oh my gosh this music, this game! I love sims 2 (more than sims 3 except open neighbourhood)
  • Sims 2 music was so much more memorable than 3, I’m not even sure why.
  • The sims 2 music makes me happy, more then sims 3 does
  • Sims 1 Music-Okay
    Sims 3 Music-Good

    Sims 2 Music-EPIC!!!!!