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This is… The Simpsons Arcade

Geoff and Gus turn back the time machine to 1991 and take a look at the new XBLA release of The Simpsons Arcade Game! Which Simpsons episode is your favorite?

Вы, наверно, всегда хотели задаться вопросом “игра симпсоны” : посмотрите видео ролик он-лайн “This is… The Simpsons Arcade”.В популярном видео с рейтингом более чем четверка * вы узнаете игра симпсоны.


  • no one in my generation appreciates the simpsons, or no one i know, its sad
  • But Lisa’s 8!
  • Shout out to the Goldmine! My dad worked there!
  • i just bought this for 5 bucks, its on sale
  • i had a pizza shop
  • let’s play the simpsons arcade game with ray,geoff,michael and gavin
  • isnt homers to
  • My favourite episode was when they thought Mr Burns was an alien.
  • Alladin’s Castle was my favorite arcade place when i was a kid
  • My favorite episode is where Bart and marge play WoW and homer badly referees for Lisa’s soccer team
  • Hey in the end of the video the Simpsons arcade game is in the background 7:26 -0:08
  • Bongo was the first character Matt groaning invented
  • did they just reference nostalgia critic?
  • They should do a ragequit on this one haha cuz this game was hard
  • Gus is 34, Geoff is 37
  • then why did you say ‘who else’