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The Sims 2 – Seasons feat. Lily Allen – Smile (in Simlish)

A music video for Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ in Simlish featuring a sim Lily in elements from The Sims 2 Seasons and other games from The Sims 2 franchise

Наши посетители часто задают миссия “игра симсы загрузить” : мы выложили интересный ролик видеоролику “The Sims 2 – Seasons feat. Lily Allen – Smile (in Simlish)”.В ролике с рейтингом более чем как следует * вы узнаете игра симсы загрузить.


  • I’ll throw a party on the day when I see a Sims 2 music video not made with downloads…
  • poopa poop
    the lryics…
  • You have to build a relationship between two sims till they fall in love and then you go on “Hug” and press “romantic hug” 🙂
  • 0:36 how do you get your sims to hug that way? ;o
  • Maybe EA will see this, but they ignore it,
  • i LUV it!
  • Message me and I’ll help you out? :)
  • I do but my Sims just hug and kiss eachother’s necks? o.o but thanks anyways c;
  • this song taught me: that foop translates to f*ck in simlish!