Дата: 09/03/2008
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Sims 2 The Campbell Family Episode 1!

Hi Join me in this video where im playing a family in The Sims 2! All footage and music used in this video is from The Sims 2 game. The Sims 2 is owned by Electronic Arts.

Вы хотели постичь “игра симсы скачать задаром” : поэтому мы выложили забавный он лайн катушка “Sims 2 The Campbell Family Episode 1!”.В онлайн видео с оценкой более чем четверка * вы поймете игра симсы скачать дарма.


  • What packs do u have
  • U caked on a lot of makeup there….
  • What did you use to record?
  • how do u no HE is not a SHE?!?!?!?!?!
  • Modthesims2 com
  • U didn’t edit the relationshi
  • With what program did you shoot this gameplay videos?????
  • dude im a campbell and technically campbells are related to scottish royalty
  • but it says your name is Alton GRANGE J.R.
  • you can download it from thepiratebay but u need winrar to get it
  • you can order it from ebay or amazon 🙂
  • I know its 2012, but please make a new family and start over, for your big fans
  • He has all of them.
  • those are not mods there other sims expansions and packs
  • Yes They Did
  • I’m sorry. That was brother >.>
  • i love this video 🙂
  • Im talking about the campbell clan and some jamacians have scottish herritage