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The Sims 3 Let’s Play – Episode 28

I eventually figure out how to through a proper Feast Party and by the end of the episode there is food fer dayz!

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  • When the lot was residential it was a house not a lot even thou there appers to be nothing on it you need to demolish the lot and then place the festival lot
  • If you leave your active household and edit town that will probz work 🙂 x
  • fyi for placing the lots, you need to bulldoze the lot then change it to the lot you require 🙂
  • In order to replace the lot you have to bulldoze then set it as the Festival Grounds.
  • Click on blow it the candles and it will give a list of names, then click on Joan’s name for her to blow out the candle
  • You’re supposed to bulldoze the lot first.
  • what computer do you have
  • What town is this? :p
  • how does the doll gool to your house?!! its creepy as hell
  • Make sure to bulldoze the lot as the coloured bench icon means that the community lot is not empty like it should be.
  • It’s not that. My region is Australia, the currency linked to my account apparently doesn’t match my PayPal, so I can’t buy anything at all and you can’t change it.
  • i wanted to see hesper grow up with the child
  • ugh yeah I hate the imaginary friend. 
  • To age up the baby, you use one of the parents to click on the cake, select the option that appears, and then a drop down will appear with all the sims in the household you can age up. Select Joan and then your sims will take her over to the cake and she’ll grow up.
  • 450 days WOAH
  • When I say Sim’s hands I mean whichever Sim is standing nearby whilst the frozen one is down.