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The Simpsons Arcade Game: Bongo’s Angst, It Tastes Like Burning

Ray and Mike show you how to get the Bongo’s Angst, and It Tastes Like Burning Achievements in The Simpsons Arcade Game Xbox Live Arcade.

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  • You guys do know Fluttershy’s not a tree?
  • and knowing is half the battle
  • Why is there no iOS or Android version :(
  • knew the later, not the former. cool to know.
  • Why, thank you.
  • greetin aye? ;]
  • basically….we kill clones in this game =.=”
  • She’d like to be a tree.
  • you keep saying that.
  • G.I. D’OHHH!!
  • micheals a mutherbuckin brony ! 🙂 /) (
  • They should’ve had a “Smashy Smashy” achievement where you take out all 6 of those fat tea cup guys with the hammer.
  • A MLP:FiM Refurence and achivement hunter?
  • Fluttershy’s not a tree, silly.
  • they also did one in a HORSE or PIG game, and had a drawing of Rainbow Dash on the roosterteeth homepage.
  • the Simpsons rage quit please
  • Ugh, Ponies. *Eye roll*