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The Sims 1 Theme Song

The Sims 1 Main Theme UPDATE (15.7.2012): 270.000 views ! Thank you all ! 🙂 Song download link: adf.ly

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  • wow me too 🙂
  • Playing sims 3 wish it was this
  • You suck.
  • I was a kid playing this on my gamecube 🙂 That nostalgia
  • Go suck off your dad.
  • oh man, the memories! I still have a couple of sims 1 expansion packs lying around…
  • It looks Tomb Raider 1 graphics.
  • But my sister have reason.
  • u can build a 4 wall around the pool and they’ll drown that way in sims 3. 🙂
  • XD apparently they don’t want you drowning them anymore
  • eh when i hear this song this reminds me when i was kid i played so many times