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The Sims Townhall 2010: Question & Answer Session PART 4

Question & Answer session from the audience and online community

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  • They don’t transform into bats, but they can run incredibly fast and they can also use the subway.
  • i know but with the ps3 keybord attachment might force that question
  • No social bunny =[
  • i reeally like the sims cast away that was cool like u can make stuff out of nothing
  • Men…what’s wrong with the black lady…
  • that guy gets on my nerves and gets way to cocky!
  • i wish they had brung it on ps2 also many people still hhave ps2
  • Sounds like True Blood vampires
  • @Kolboi7 october = pets
  • @Kolboi7 it is random they just want more money ! thats probably why the game will cost 50 and the packs and expanisons for the sims 3 game are only 20-40