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Let’s Play The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 2

Moses Cromwell starts to deal with the daily grind of life, hoping to find a good wife to continue the legacy!

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  • “Is that horse moon walking?!”
  • you’re accent is just HDFJSKGH!! i can seriously just hear you all day!<3
  • Wow you don’t use mailboxes? I have a mailbox in front of my porch, except mine has two flaps: one facing the sidewalk for the mailman to put mail in and one on the other side facing the front door for us to easily get the mail.
  • Maybe the Horse’s name is Michael Jackson! LOL
  • Cassandra Lothario…yeah, she’s married. To Don Lothario, yuck.
  • U’ld get him married to Bella Goth…I:m just sayin’.
  • I like the Irish accent. How many different Irish accents are there?
  • Chris O’Dowd is a fine example of the sort of accent you end up with when you are born in Sligo but spend an awful lot of your life in Dublin. Quite a volatile mix.
  • I love the Scottish accent, too. My favorite British accent is the Southern accent. I also like the Cockney accent.
  • omg is that his house??? hahaha
  • 19:30 you’re welcome!! x3
  • Love the way you say it’s moonwalking ! :L
  • lol @ The random horse that comes along the sidewalk to your ‘house’. I so need to get the Pets expansion.
  • Your voice kind of reminds me of Chris O’Dowd…