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Let’s Play The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 5

The baby is coming! THE BABY IS COMING!!! Leave a comment with any baby name suggestions you may have :3 In other plans, Bella’s bee-lining to get as much Painting skill as possible. Well, someone’s gotta paint those legacy portraits…

Сегодня многие хотят задать вопрос “sims видеоролику” : поэтому мы выложили видео он лайн катушка “Let’s Play The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – Part 5”.В популярном видео с рейтингом более чем пять звезды вы узнаете sims видеоролику.


  • elexa for girl fred for boy
  • I name your baby ‘Munt’.
  • girl- Dominique
    girl- Nicole
    girl- Marceline

    boy- Damien
    boy- Liam
    boy- Chase

  • This part had me giggling so hard…that dog is trouble!
  • Girl:Avery,Carly,Roni,Sandra,Audrey


    These are the names of my 8 kids in my sims3 legacy!!!!

  • oh, it’s just she’s the champion from the 4th gen
  • Call the baby Levi 🙂 boy or girl
  • Name It Max Or Ruby 😀
  • “Alice” for a girl, or “Maximilian” for a boy.
  • girl: Kaelie boy: Russle
  • Boy- nikko girl- camille
  • cynthia? is that pokemon infulenced? 😉
  • Boy: Shaun, girl: Cynthia.
  • Boy : Dean Girl :Ariana
  • girl- Carly
    boy- Max