Дата: 03/08/2008
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The Sims Santa Claus

Yeah… this is another crappy video of The Sims Complete Collection showing how you can make Santa Claus appear.

Пользователи сайта часто спрашивают “игра симсы скачать бесплатно на pc” : сегодня мы разместили свежий online катушка “The Sims Santa Claus”.В онлайн видео с оценкой больше чем четыре звезды вы узнаете игра симсы скачать бесплатно на микрокомпьютер.


  • Living Large, last time I played this I was 5….
  • i have sims 1 still
  • i hope so 🙂
  • This video is not crappy 🙂 ha i love the sims series (1 & 2…not a fan of 3.)
  • wow he actually gives you gifts! in the sims 2 he just comes in the house and eats cookies.. then leaves -___-
  • Tu eres una mierda el video es mejor k vos -.-
  • You Know This Video Was Uploaded 2 Days After TSO Got Shutdown? 0_0
  • I have that game still!! 😀
  • lol omg i didnt kno the santa ever existed in the sims world..why dont they have it for the sims 3???
  • santa!!! i love santa and the sims!! i love all the sims episodes sims 1, 2 and 3 i love all of sims games!! this santa is so funny 😀
  • It doesn’t work 😦
  • you can still buy it…
  • what kind of sims is?? ie the sims 1 expansion is??
  • this is The Sims Complete collection read the description XD