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The Sims 3 – Charlie Sheen is WINNING

Name: The Sims 3 Release date: June 2, 2009 Platform(s): Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, N-Gage and PC Publisher(s): EA Play Developer(s): EA Black Box, The Sims Division and Visceral Games

Наши посетители часто задают вопросец “игра симсы для киборг” : мы представляем новый ролик он-лайн видеоролику “The Sims 3 – Charlie Sheen is WINNING”.В пользующемся популярностью видео онлайн с рейтингом больше чем четыре балла вы узнаете игра симсы для киборг.


  • Obama dance 😀 1:09
  • obama and 14 fbi agents dislike this video
  • Do you play GeneRally?
  • duh ………. winning
  • Lol!,so funny the video xD
  • Man is booty shakin in the background 1:10
  • theyre mods
  • Man is booty shakin in the background 1:08
  • Has anyone noticed that half the stuff Charlie Sheen is wearing doesn’t exist in-game?
  • Jogo GeneRally, faço alguns carros e pistas tbm. No meu canal tem um link, em “Site”, pro meu blog, vou ver se coloco mais coisas q eu fiz no GR lá.
  • what’s the song name?
  • oh man, the ending was just the best!
  • OMFG THIS SONG!!!!! it was in the urbz sims in the city!!!!! i love that game!! they should come out with a sequel to it 🙂
  • @thank you. THANK YOU. i have regained my lost sanity. 🙂
  • Urbz OST – Na Na Lae :)
  • Perfect! 😀